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Jackson Feb 14, 2014 12149 views

What are some careers if I'm interested in medicine and technology?

I'm interested in medicine because I want to be able to help people, but I also think technology (like computers) is really fun. I'm wondering what careers use both, so that I can combine these interests. #medicine #computer #healthcare #technology #healthcare-technology

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Jackson Nov 07, 2013 2994 views

What is the path to becoming a high school guidance counselor?

I'm interested in working in education, and I want to know how much schooling I need to become a guidance counselor. #education #counseling

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Jackson Oct 25, 2013 1186 views

How do I become a school psychologist?

I would really like to work with high school students as a psychologist. What do I have to do to make that happen. I am currently a senior in high school. #school #psychologist

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Jackson Apr 18, 2013 2492 views

What is the difference between computer engineer and computer programmer?

I'm very interested in working with computer, but don't know what the difference is between these two. #engineering #computer-engineer

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Jackson Mar 09, 2013 13632 views

What are different career options if I am interested in computers?

I have heard about computer engineers and computer programmers, but I' wondering what other career options are out there if I like computers? Specifically, I like the internet, and being able to talk to my friends and people all over the world. #computer #computer-engineer #programmer

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Jackson Jul 09, 2012 8195 views

How do you get an internship in investment banking?

I'm interested in investment banking and I've heard that you need to have completed an internship in order to get a position after college. Is this true? If so, how do you get an internship like that? When should I start looking for an internship? #finance #internships #investment-banking