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Redwood City, California
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Emely May 28, 2019 619 views

What is needed to study in order to be a paramedic?

What course did you have to take when becoming a paramedic? What school did you go to? Did the school prepare you well? #college-major #major #paramedic #medical-school

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Emely May 28, 2019 499 views

How active is Law enforcement ?

Are your days slow or busy? What is something difficult about your job, such as the people you deal with.

#law #law enforcement #police

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Emely Apr 30, 2019 554 views

What is it like to be a Social worker?

How stressful is your work? Do you plan to stay in this career? What do you think it takes to be become come one?

#social-worker #social-work # #psychology