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Rachel Sharks

Servicing Policy
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Dallas, Texas
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Domenica May 14, 2020 1142 views

How have you been able to accomplish what you have thus far?

I'm getting certifications for both construction and auto mechanics and I want to open my business for either or.
#business #construction #automotive

Luis’s Avatar
Luis Jan 18, 2018 1031 views

Why is it that we have to complete all four years of high school?

I already have more than enough credits and I've taken all the necessary classes to graduate. So why?
#done #ijustwannagotocollege #high-school #graduation #courses

Katelynn’s Avatar
Katelynn May 07, 2019 737 views

What profession should I go into; business management or the medical field?

All my life I have been set on the medical field. I always wanted to know how exactly the body works and I want to be able to be given a situation and say something as simple as "Well let's check for appendicitis," and be right about it. I want to be able to connect with children and solve...