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Angela Johnson

Lobbyist, Consultant
Management Occupations - Transportation and Material Moving Occupations
Atlanta, Georgia
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Alfred Sep 13, 2019 419 views

How much do you want to have after making the food

Why i start to cook was because, i love making more things out of it.

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Sep 25, 2019 501 views

What parts of your job do you find most challenging?

#internship #business #job

Brian’s Avatar
Brian Oct 30, 2019 488 views

What company is best to work?

I'm studying HVAC and I want to know what kind of work are we doing and what stuff are we going to study. #business

Kiana’s Avatar
Kiana Nov 04, 2019 2075 views

What are three informational interview questions should I ask?

#interviews #business #job-application #recruiting

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Wesley Oct 25, 2019 456 views

What credentials or certifications am i going to obtain in these industry?

I m a good kid that is always challenging himself to be better than other people . #business #career

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Jan 20, 2018 1836 views

What is the best course of action through college (majors and internships) for someone interested in becoming a lobbyist for agriculture?

I am interested in becoming a lobbyist, specifically for agriculture. I am currently a business: marketing major. I was wondering if this is a good track to remain on or if I need to go into something along the lines of Political Science. I am aware that I will also have to go back for my...