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Tatiana R. Mar 14, 2018 258 views

What year to most people start work-study programs under an architecture degree?

I want to know if I would be able to reasonably pay for (i.e. half of tuition at average price college) and live off of a work-study program while in college. Also would I be able to do this starting my first year in college (I don't have my AA yet so I would be studying for that my first...

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svetla P. Dec 12, 2019 162 views

Can anyone recommend good Architecture or Interior Studios in Scandinavia?

Hello, I am an architect who has lived and worked in the UK/USA since 2000 and now looking to relocate to (potentially) a Scandinavian country because of the high quality of design in this part of the world. However, I find it really difficult to find job placements in this field in the EU;...

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