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Retired Dentist/Inventor at Aviva L. Andreen DDS
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Kefar Sava, Center District, Israel
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Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Feb 18, 2015 41481 views

Could I become a dental hygienist before continuing school to become a classified dentist?

I am a sophomore in high school and I have an interest in the dentistry career. I would like to know if it is possible to become a dental hygienist after two years of college, start a career as a dental hygienist, and continue schooling to achieve a doctorate degree. How long will it...

Adenike’s Avatar
Adenike Jul 08, 2016 4909 views

Hi, I want to be an Orthodontist but I want to first start with being a dental hygienist and move my way on up to be a orthodontist.

I have graduated from high school and will be attending a 2- year college but my plan is to be there for a year and might have to do some summer classes I believe and go to a four year college. I just want to know is this good route that I have planned for myself ? I'm also trying to find an...

Faraz’s Avatar
Faraz Apr 08, 2016 1844 views

Can i do DDS degree after doing 2 years education of DDH? Will i become a dental surgeon after doing these both degrees

I'm a pakistani student and just about to pass my intermediate and i want to become a dentist for that i have to take admission in BDS( bachelor in dentistry) but it is very difficult to take admission in but taking admission in DDH is not that difficult so i decided to take admision in DDH and...

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Feb 26, 2015 1578 views

What are some good colleges to apply to for dentistry?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am looking into attending college for dentistry. UMKC is my top choice due to the close location and outstanding dentistry program. UMKC is a really great school to study dentistry, but I also want other options and backup plans ready. I live in Kansas City...

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Feb 26, 2015 2346 views

How difficult is it to start a career in dentistry?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am interested in starting a career in dentistry after high school and college. I would like to know the possible road of going to college, finding a place to work, and starting a career could go. Was finishing school difficult? Long? Was finding a place to...

Justine’s Avatar
Justine Oct 21, 2014 24536 views

What should I major in college to become a dental hygienist?

I am a senior in high school and very interested in becoming a dental hygienist. I would like to know what major I should consider to start my career path.

Sumaya’s Avatar
Sumaya Apr 17, 2015 1937 views

How much does a dental hygienist make in a year after graduating hygiene school?

Hi, i am a senior in high school and very much interested in studying dental hygiene after graduating high school. Thank you in advance. #career #dentistry #salary #dental-hygienist #plans