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Deanicia D. Oct 28, 2016 4376 views

Should I talk about my failures when being interviewed for a job?

I read an article about how a recruiter who interviews students got an answer of "I expect failure" from one of the students. Then they went and wrote an article on how this answer was amazing. Should I do the same and state some failures like struggles in class or should I keep that to myself....

#failure #job-application #technology #mathematics #science #interviews #interview-questions

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Murari K. Sep 14, 2018 238 views

Career after B.tech Computer Science Engineering?

Please suggest a career after engineering, shall i opt to M.tech or i should search a job? #engineering #computer...


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lawton P. Dec 13, 2019 271 views

how hard is computer networking/coding?

i like computers a lot and was just wondering how hard this stuff is, i know quite a bit....