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briana Z. Jul 01, 2016 1843 views

How do you become a dance teacher?

I am currently a softmore in high school, and I am in love with dancing it is my passion. I take a Jazz dance class at my high school, and my Jazz dance teacher is such a good dancer that she inspires me to become a teacher like her one day. #dance #dance-teacher...


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Olivia D. May 12 157 views

What can I do to increase the change of a full ride scholarship?

Or bigger scholarships in general. I know they're very hard to come by, but academics are a strength of mine so I figured I'd might as well see how I could continue to increase my potential of one. #college #scholarship #college-advice...


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danieh K. May 13 236 views

How can I make the most out of quarantine at my age?

Hi! I'm a 16-year old high school student wanting to volunteer and do some good during this difficult time. But, all the virtual opportunities are more offered toward adults rather than teenagers. Therefore, I'm stuck /: #career #volunteer #student #highschool...