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Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

Within 40 mile radius
Gianella’s Avatar
Gianella Apr 02, 2021 435 views

what is the most important thing when studying medicine

#medicine #help #biology

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Sara Mar 03, 2021 636 views

I want some advice?

I am currently at the university in the career of Language Pedagogy. I like languages, but I'm not good at English, every semester I find it harder with my studies. I make an effort in studying pedagogy and learning English, but my academic performance in English subjects has low marks because...

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Mar 01, 2021 481 views

What I can do

I am a university student, but unfortunately I feel that I am not progressing with my studies. The point is that my career is taught mostly in English. Which complicates me in understanding the subjects of the subjects, I have a low academic performance and lose subjects .. I love the...

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Feb 05, 2021 666 views

How can learning English!!

Hablo español but I want learning English for my career. #english #careers #english-grammar

Enrique’s Avatar
Enrique Jul 05, 2020 610 views

Which Master Degree has more demand in Canada and the US? I am an Electronic and Control Engineer

Hi I am an electronic and control engineer and would like to know which is the highest-paid and highest-demanded master degree for my profession in Canada and the US. #engineering

Cristina’s Avatar
Cristina Jun 15, 2020 827 views

Where could I do internships after a Master in economic policy that makes a difference for my cv

#internship #career #economy #policy #master #career-path

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