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What is the difference between Architecture and Architectural Engineering?

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I'm an junior in High School and I been trying to do research to distinguish which one I want to major and study while in college, but isn't telling me the key difference. While researching I came across with some couple of websites that said Architectural Engineering is similar to Structural Engineering and that all its telling me. I also want to know which one do you prefer me to do? I do enjoy drawing, mathematics, and technology. Science isn't what I enjoy but I like it as well.
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The two majors are slightly different, in that for Architecture, general designs in artistic, theoretical aspects are learned, while for Architectural Engineering, you have more involved with design, such as structural design. In the engineering major, you're dealing with how things stand, calculating forces and angles; more mathematics, engineering, and physics is involved.

If you are considering salary, the engineer will have more stability and higher pay. Of course, both fields have the potential to earn a lot of money, but in comparison, engineers make more.