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How to land an internship ?

Updated Indianapolis, Indiana

Could you list some advice or skills that would be beneficial for a student to acquire in order to get an internship ? #computer-science #business #engineering #web-design #web-development #web #personal-development #job-application

3 answers

David’s Answer

Updated Washougal, Washington
I reviewed and hired many interns. What I looked for: 1. front line is the resume, keep it to 1 page, make it a modern short list type resume and be sure to put some personal interest on there that applies to your goal. If you are interested in web design, list that you have made sites for friends family or even some side work. if you are into mechanical, list that you build model airplanes, etc. 2. second line is the phone interview: be lively and available, take notes. We always called, asked the 10 same questions, then possibly reviewed them in a face to face. The person should have recognized what question they said I don't know to, then got the answer for the face to face. We always recognized the person that said, oh yeah, I did not know that on the phone, but I looked it up, this is it, and it is interesting for x reason. Basically show strong interest and presence. 3. The big day: relax for the interview. We love confidence. Consider a thing I call political speak: if after 10 minutes you think the interviewer does not know who you are at heart, take any question, answer it, and twist in an extended answer that sells who you are. For example: Question: I see you did your senior project on x, did the project succeed? You: well, we did no meet the deadline, but i learned so much about myself and how I actually enjoy working in a group and consciously taking the lead when I see the need but also dropping to the background when I see a synergy among the others that I can find ways to support; I like working with people. If it is paid internship, some how remind them you like to work on details and are afraid of nothing. If it is unpaid, remind them you learn quickly, take good notes and can keep yourself busy. If you get an interview, do send a followup thanks, they will really like that. If anything technical is listed in the ad, like HTML or SPC, look them up and know them for what they mean. Believe it or not we listed our internships on Craigslist and Indeed. Good Luck.

Greg’s Answer

Updated Leesburg, Alabama

Speak to your advisor and teachers. Many times they have a network of companies that have internships available. Also, research online and see of your school has a recruiting and placement center. That is how I found my internships in college.

Joanne’s Answer

Updated Montclair, New Jersey
  1. practice interviewing with someone
  2. nice resume illustrating things you've done (i.e. projects)
  3. keep the grades up

Always look them in the eye and be honest .. if you don't know .. you don't know.

Then .. if you don't get the internship, follow up and ask what could have been better.