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What is Business Information Systems? What are the careers in this field?

I was wondering what is it about? #business #information-technology #japan #it #business-analysis #web-development #information-systems #management-consulting #mis

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5 answers

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Pradeep’s Answer

what is business information systems?
Business information systems (BIS) is the meeting place of information and computer technology with people and business. Business information systems combines business studies with informatics, which focuses on creating, applying and communicating business information.
Studying Business Information Systems, you acquire both business and technology skills. You acquire the skills to analyse business problems from two points of view: considering both the technology aspects and the business requirements. You learn how to analyse business processes, looking at the steps involved in completing specific tasks, looking at how a company does business, with a view to understanding how an organisation or company works. You learn about technology and how to use and manage technology. As you expand your knowledge of business and technology, you learn to explore how an organisation can use technology to improve or even to transform its business.
ou learn how to think about exploiting the power of technology when faced with the challenges of a specific business environment. For example, a Business Information Systems graduate working in a food distribution company might have to consider the best ways to capitalise on the latest mobile phone technologies to help make the distribution process more effective and to increase margins for the company.
And where will you find work? Business Information Systems graduates find employment in many industry sectors in all types of roles, because the skills that you acquire can be transferred easily from one sector to another. Read more about where Business Information Systems graduates find employment.

Refer the below link. You have all the required details regarding BIS along with Job oppurtunities. All the best.

Thank you comment icon I really appreciate you answer. Thanks very much. mean
Thank you comment icon Thank you so much for your answer!! Shaina
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Ryan A.’s Answer

MIS BIS IDS these are all basically business related IT degrees.

Depending on the school and your goals; you will learn IT theory, SDLC for development, write some code, learn business requirement gathering, documentation, design workflow and QA testing. You will work on teams and come up with ideas. It's a great mix of business and Information Sciences or Systems.

The world is your oyster. Intern, try many things, team-work is a great place to get a fast start into what the real world will present. Volunteer or pick up the phone and start a project.

I majored in IDS (similar with a little more statistics) and Finance. I recommend thinking about specializing so you know how to apply the IT to another Department or Science and your that much more marketable!

Roles can be anything from a System Analyst if you like to code:

- Business Analyst
- Consultant
- Technical Lead
- Technical Writer
-Jr Project Manager

and many, many more. Business Intelligence is very marketable right now.

At the end of the day; get your foot in the door, put in the work, learn and find your niche! Then you can pick what you like to do and set goals! Best of Luck! network experiences work-life-balance career-counseling
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hamzeh’s Answer

Its not related to my experience but:
Business information sys is a boundary filed of study
relating to how information and communication technologies (ICT) can be deployed to improve business processes and enhance the organisation's value chain networks, which organisations use to acquire, produce, and deliver goods and services all over the world.

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Amanda’s Answer

Hi Mean V,

Great question. I actually studied Business Information Systems in University College Cork (UCC) Ireland.

I do believe that this course is offered in Universities around the world but from a UCC standpoint, it was such a fantastic course and it really gives a graduate all the fundamentals in both Business and IT. The courses range from Business Analysis, Accounting, Programming, Statistics, Web development and Personal development. In the third year of the course, we undertook a internship for 6 months. I was lucky enough to secure my internship in Boston US with a Finance Management company where I was able to transcend my in class learning to actual real life work.

After giving you all the fundamentals in the first three years, in the final year of the course the student can make the decision to make their degree much more business or IT focused depending on their preferences.

After completing the course, when I approached different companies looking for my first full time role, I found they were very impressed with my holistic background of both IT and Business. I have worked as both a Business Analyst and Project Manager.

After completing the course I found many of my fellow graduates worked in the following roles:

Business/Systems Analyst
Software Developer
Trainee Accountant
User Experience (UX) Analyst
Test Manager
Project Manager
Web Developer
Security Consultant
Business Entrepreneur
Business/IT/Management Consultant.

Best of Luck.

Amanda recommends the following next steps:

When choosing the right BIS course for you make sure that you will get some exposure to working in the real world.
Check out the BIS course in Cork Ireland for more information
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Boopalan’s Answer

The Business Information Systems (BIS) is a four-year degree programme that specialises in key business and technology skills, providing students with an excellent springboard for a successful career within IS or business related sectors.

The BSc in Business Information Systems (BIS) specialises in the key skills that are essential to the success of professionals in modern information technology and information systems.

The goals of this a four-year degree programme are to:
educate: provide a worthwhile and memorable student experience
collaborate: join with business to ensure BIS students gain cutting edge skills in business and IT, while also linking with businesses to provide innovative IS-related expertise
innovate: cultivate and apply expertise in teaching, research and development.

Our BIS Advisory Board, incorporating a number of the most senior Irish business executives, is there to advise and ensure UCC BIS courses are world-class, relevant, and attractive to businesses nationally and internationally.

Unique Aspects of the Programme

BIS has a dedicated internal placement team to help you undertake a six-month business internship as part of the placement programme. The placement team provide you with excellent tailored support throughout the entire placement process including:
long-term links with businesses
CV and interview preparation for students
visa and immigration documentation support

Placement and Study Abroad Information

With the support of our BIS placement team, many of our students have taken advantage of our US industry links and have chosen to undertake their work experience in the US.

BIS Year 3 - March through August (24 weeks)

The placement is the ideal launching pad for your future career. To date, the majority of BIS students choose to spend their work experience in the US.

Before embarking on your business placement you will have completed three years of the BIS degree programme. Skills you will have acquired through the first three years are:
Technology including Internet Development
Systems Analysis & Design
Software Development
Database Development
Network Management
Managerial & Financial Accounting
Corporate Finance
Business & Manufacturing Strategy

Refer the below link. You have all the required details regarding BIS along with Job oppurtunities. All the best.