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What is the beginners salary for a software engineer?

I want to know how much I will be getting $. #technology #money #software #software-engineering #computer-software

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Hello Hadi G. There are plenty of good ways to find the going rate of your question for any job title using tools like Glassdoor, Salary.com, LinkedIn. Make sure you put in your exact title and location because the algorithms are sometimes based on Geography and cost of living. Another thing to consider is get as much experience as you can in this day and age internships, startups, 3 day website incubators, volunteer. The more you bring to the table the more you can negotiate. Don't be afraid to do it based on what your comfort level is. "If you don't ask; you will never know and all they can say is No" That's what business is all about! Google will find you more.. Explore! Hope that leads you down the right path. Cheers! #tech #salary-negotiation #salary #college #expectations #catalyses3.com
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It depends where you are working at, company size, public company or private one, Government or not, type of position - Perm vs Contractor.

Search out in salary.com or linkedin.com. Typically a big company pays 60K for software engineer just graduated school with good benefit. Government should be around 55K, Private one might be 70K but less benefit. Company in Metro should pay higher than one in small town. (Competition rate is different)

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Really depends on location first and then company. Back home in the Midwest I would be lucky getting 70k starting. Out west (sv, Seattle, etc) at Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc starting is easily twice that. Netflix probably even more. Much more difficult to get into the very high paying spots, but everywhere out west pays better.
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