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Ajith N. May 12, 2016 508 views

I want to become a software engineer. What are the process I should follow?

i have completed 10th i am interested in computer science . #college #computer-software #engineering...


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rakesh M. May 12, 2016 787 views

What is the study of computer technology?

I'd love to learn more about the study of computers and what potential jobs exist if one were to major in computers. #computer #computer-software #science...


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bilquis F. May 16, 2016 300 views
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Corey B. May 17, 2016 589 views

What are some possible jobs that I can pursue with a Computer Science degree?

I am trying to figure out what the best career path would be for me. #computer-science #computer-software #career #science #computer...


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Aukai E. Jul 22, 2016 718 views

As an aspiring entrepreneur, how important is learning to code and what are some of the best websites, programs, or online schools for learning the skill?

I am interested in entrepreneurship but time and time again I put an idea aside because I dont know how to code, and have not yet fleshed out my idea enough to begin a seed round for funding for a coder. #computer-software #programming #coding...


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Reese W. Oct 23, 2016 477 views

What Is The Best Tool For Learning C#?

Is there a great book/website/video series that would be the best for learning C#? #programming...


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Nick M. Oct 23, 2016 663 views

What is the best college path to learn computer coding

Trying to find the best colleges that offer coding #computer-software...


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Brandon D. Oct 24, 2016 497 views

What is the average starting salary in the technology field?

I want to go in to the computer science field after college. #computer-software...


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Sara H. Oct 26, 2016 571 views

If I don't know as much as my high school peers about tech, will I be behind in college?

The high school I currently attend doesn't have tech classes that delve into the topics of cyber security (or what cyber even is, for that matter), computer programming, or the basic fundamentals of how computers are built. Over the summer, I was chosen as a participant for the GenCyber Program...

#computer-science #computer-security #computer-programming #cyber

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Arturo S. Oct 29, 2016 551 views

Is a Computer Science bachelor's degree worth it?

I've heard the market is getting saturated, so I'm just wondering if there would even be jobs in that field by the time I graduate. #computer-science #computer-programming...


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Ashaybhai S. Oct 31, 2016 535 views

How Compute Science 4 Years course compete with corporate Job?

IT industry is growing fast with upcoming new Technology. Software engineer always Stay on top, Keep updating their skill to compete with job market...


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Hailin G. Oct 31, 2016 443 views

What are the possible career choices for someone who might double major in computer science and pharmacology or int. business?

I am currently learning AP computer science. I am still deciding what I like at the moment, but those three things interest me the most. I am not sure what my choices will be once I attain those degrees. #computer-software #business #pharmacy #international...


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Charles C. Oct 31, 2016 543 views
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Aleksa S. Oct 31, 2016 3258 views

What would be a good minor to pair with a Computer Engineering major?

As I plan on majoring in Computer Engineering, I was wondering what minor would go best with this major. I am not sure if a minor in math or physics or CS would help me with employers since they would assume that I already know it. Does anyone have any suggestions? #college #engineering...

#computer-hardware #college-major

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Alejandro M. Oct 31, 2016 475 views

For any Computer Science graduate - What is the everyday life after work? Do most work at home or physically at a company? If a company, what do you work on daily as in can ya'll work independently or are there assignments/projects handed out?

I am in the top 1% in my class and I initially wanted to be an engineer, but that changed as i really loved coding in school. Writing codes and understanding them come easy to me and I really like the idea of a big open market in which a programmer can to gain attention from applications that...

#computer-software #computer #computer-games #marketing-communications #computer-science