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Should I quit my sport?

I'm currently in 9th grade and have been doing rhythmic gymnastic since around 4-5 grade. I've been wondering if I should quit since I practice 4 hours a day on school days and haven't been getting enough sleep or good grades. Currently I have all As except for 2 subjects which are Bs, but I think I can do better. I am also taking all the hardest classes available in my school for a freshman. I really love my team but I don't know if rhythmic is my sport since I'm now in level 8 and I'm not as flexible as I used to be, therefore I'm at a huge disadvantage. I have also been wanting to quit for several years now however never had the courage to. It's been part of who I am for such a long time, but I just don't think it's right for me anymore. I really love the sport but I don't think I'm good at it anymore, or will be again in the future. Since I'll only get less flexible. I believe my coach really does want the best for us but most practices are wasted because she's not in the mood to correct us. I also see no future for me in the sport, and I don't think it will be good for collage app since basically no collage has a rhythmic gymnasts team/ I have to decide whether or not I want to quit since we have to start signing up for competition in 2 weeks, and if I don't quit this year I'm not quiting next year since I want to be able to start sometime else and get better at it PLEASE HELP! (If I quit I will start trying new sports starting with gymnastic)

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2 answers

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Michelle’s Answer

Hello, Annie !

Maybe I can give you something to think about and how I see the situation.

It sounds like you really are ready to discontinue gymnastics and it may not be such a bad thing to quit as you have already put in many years and do recognize that you have learned as much as you've wanted and it's time to move on. That's perfectly fine. Extracurricular activities do not always have to be by way of sports. However, I do not quite grasp the meaning of your last sentence, "(If I quit I will start trying new sports starting with gymnastic)" Regardless, I still want to advise you based on your reasons for quitting.

If you discontinue, you will have more time for your other studies as you've mentioned that gymnastics takes up a lot of your time and you believe much of that has been wasted lately. There's a lot out there for you to explore. Focus on academics and other extracurriculars right now. You've put a lot of years into gymnastics already and later if you feel like going back to it, you can go to a community gym, but for right now, it may be best to move forward.

There are many EC's that will not demand physical flexibility and my advice is to look into your school newspaper, the yearbook team, drama group, choir, science club and anything your school offers.

The main thing is: do not feel funny moving away from gymnastics. Your basic enjoyment of it will always be with you but I believe that you have come to your pinnacle with it for now and it's time to move on to other things. You have a lot of time ahead of you and you can always go back to it as an athlete or coach in the future. You are absolutely correct that your book studies need priority right now.

I wish you all the best in this decision no matter what you decide !
Thank you comment icon Thank you, Michelle for the advice. Annie
Thank you comment icon Thank you so much! Annie
Thank you comment icon You are very welcome, Annie ! Michelle M.
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James Constantine’s Answer

Hey there, Annie!

Choosing to hang up your sports gear is a deeply personal choice, one that needs a lot of thought. It sounds like you're juggling a lot right now - your sport, school, and overall happiness. Let's chat about some important things you might want to think about.

1. Time: Rhythmic gymnastics is a big commitment. You're practicing four hours a day on school days, which can be pretty tiring. This leaves you with little time for other stuff, like chilling out and hitting the books. It's a good idea to think about whether this fits in with what's most important to you.

2. Schoolwork: You've mentioned that your grades have slipped a bit in a few subjects, and you're taking some tough classes. This could be because of all the time you're putting into gymnastics. It's really important to think about how your sport is affecting your schoolwork, and whether it's getting in the way of your academic success.

3. Your Body and Your Passion: As you get better at rhythmic gymnastics, the competition gets tougher. You've said that you're not feeling as flexible as you used to, which might make it harder to compete. It's key to think about how you're feeling physically, and whether you're still loving the sport as much as you used to.

4. Your Well-being: Your overall happiness, which includes your physical health, mental health, and getting enough sleep, should be your top priority. Not getting enough sleep can make it harder to do well in sports and at school. Think about whether gymnastics is affecting your well-being, and whether quitting might help you find a better balance.

5. Your Dreams: Think about what you want for your future. If you're dreaming about a certain career or going to college, you might need to think about whether sticking with gymnastics fits in with those dreams, or whether you might be better off spending your time on other things.

In the end, the choice to quit your sport should be based on a careful look at these things, and what matters most to you. It might also be a good idea to talk about your worries with your coach, your parents, or someone else you trust, who can give you advice and support.

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Thank you comment icon Thank you! I'll take all your points into consideration Annie