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What colleges would be best for biology major?

looking for colleges with low cost of tuition. good for science field.
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Hi Joy! According to many sources, the best colleges for biology majors in your state of California are Stanford University, Pomona College, University of California-San Diego, and the University of Southern California, with Pomona College as the most affordable. If you would like to check out the best low tuition colleges for biology majors across the country you can check out: https://www.bestvalueschools.com/rankings/small-colleges-biology-degree/. I hope this helps and I wish you the best! Mireia R.

Hi Mireia, Thank you for the information. I would definitely check that out. Joy Z.

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3 answers

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Rachel’s Answer

<span style="background-color: transparent;">Collegeboard.org is a great resource for this! I poured through the pages of universities all over the U.S. when I was a senior in high school. Collegeboard was my go-to site! They put all of the information in one place and it is very easy to use. They even have various filters you can apply to see only colleges that have programs you are interested. To determine academic rigor, look at the admissions requirements, G.P.A. of past admitted applicants, SAT/ACT scores, class rank etc. This will give you an idea of what scores and grades you need to be accepted. However, don't be discouraged your application will be reviewed based on the full picture! College-board will help you get an idea of what is most important to the specific school you are applying to.</span>

This professional recommends the following next steps:

  • <span style="background-color: transparent;">Chat with your Guidance Counselor</span>
  • <span style="background-color: transparent;">Create a Collegeboard.org account</span>
  • <span style="background-color: transparent;">Start using CollegeBoard as a resource to look up schools.</span>

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Richard’s Answer

In California, top schools for biological sciences include:
Cal Tech
UC Berkeley

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Rachel’s Answer

Have you considered Texas schools? UT in Austin has a great science program and is very affordable.