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Career Questions tagged Swat

Breanna’s Avatar
Breanna Feb 08, 2021 1719 views

What's the difference between a Lawyer and a Defense attorney?

I am a little confused and need a quick answer!! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!
#attorney #swat #district-attorney #Investigate #Detective

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Tyonna Jan 23, 2019 540 views

What is a regular day in the security field?

#police officer
#swat team

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Dec 26, 2017 1802 views

I want to join the BAU that's the only job I'm passionate about. Please help

I really want to get into the BAU and I would take the extra mile to get into it. Ever since I started watching Criminal Minds. I wanted to get a job as a profiler. The only problem is that they take US citizens only. I am an Indian and I know that they don't portray the BAU as the way it is....

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Oct 26, 2015 1307 views

i not sure how to be squad leader in the swat

hi my name is noah and im in 6 grade and do i need good grades in collage to be squad leader #swat

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Oct 22, 2015 849 views

I want to be in the swat, do I need a degree?

Im in 6th grade and i really like the swat and i want to be in the swat

Stephan’s Avatar
Stephan Jan 13, 2015 2695 views

How do I join The S.W.A.T Team ?

The reason why i'm asking this it's because I've been asking a certain people what are some good tips and everyone been telling me that joining the military is the best thing i can do but i spoke with my parents about and she's glad that i'm thinking of serving this country but she's also upset...