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Zeenat Chowdhury

Software Development Engineer
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Potomac, Maryland
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Olivia May 12, 2020 2036 views

Should I work/intern during the school year in college or wait until summer?

#college #internship #work

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Apr 19, 2018 711 views

How good do I need to do on the Act?

What is considered a good Act score? Are there any ways to go do a decent university for free solely based on your Act score without financial aid?
#Act #testing #college #financial-aid #scholarships

Sohaib’s Avatar
Sohaib Jan 18, 2018 878 views

How much will my ACT effect my chances for success?

I have been studying a lot for the ACT and I have been improving, but I am not a great standardized test-taker and the reading section is what hurts me the most. Will having a score in the lower thirties negatively impact my chance for success? #ACT #exam #standardized-testing #entrance-exams...