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Nayeli G. Apr 14, 2020 229 views

What can I do to be prepared when I apply to a nursing school?

I am interested in becoming a nurse but I know there is a lot of preparation to be done due to it's competitive major. nursing nurse college...


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Yarethzy C. Apr 24, 2020 271 views

What do you need to become a nurse?

Im a Sophomore in high school and im looking into the medical field and becoming a nurse in the future, especially with the whole pandemic going on it will be worth it in the near future. I have pretty much made my mind up to become a nurse or at least serve in the medical field. nursing...

healthcare nurse doctor medical medicine

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joseline M. Apr 25, 2020 321 views

how do you become a neonatal nurse

nursing nurse-practitioner medicine healthcare Ive always been interested in the medical...

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Whitney L. Apr 30, 2020 220 views
Marie E.’s Avatar
Marie E. May 05, 2020 217 views

what one would best fit for me A surgeon or a RN?

I love to help people I would love to be a RN but I also am getting interested in being a Surgeon and operate medicine nursing...


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Tricia L. May 14, 2020 449 views

What should high schoolers be doing right now in order to get accepting into nursing school?

Hello, I'm an upcoming junior in high school looking to better my chances at attaining a career in nursing...