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Decatur, Alabama
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kristin’s Avatar
kristin Jun 01, 2020 1038 views

What type of part time seems good enough for a beginner?

I have some work experience through a program in high school, but never really got a job on my own ever. I'm just curious about what is the best part-time job is there for me. I got a high school diploma and right now going to college. It's summer, and I plan to save up for some money. #job...

holden’s Avatar
holden Jun 01, 2020 789 views

can i be a delivery driver?

i like riding my e bike

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra Jan 23, 2018 886 views

How much is a college degree worth today?

I've always wondered what it was. How it's important to a career. #college #career

Libby’s Avatar
Libby Jun 01, 2020 1162 views

Would you recommend doing a gap year between undergrad and law school?

I'm currently at college as an undergrad and considering law school #lawyer #law-school #college

victor’s Avatar
victor Oct 04, 2019 483 views

what is welding?

i like to work outside with my hands #work

angel’s Avatar
angel May 22, 2019 562 views

as a welder what do you dislike about the job

as an aspiring welder I want to the flexablity of the schedule do you have a steady schedule during the week #work