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Cristian G. May 24, 2016 850 views

Does having more volunteer work on your resume look better than having regular job experience?

Im a chemical engineering student in my senior year and because my major makes it hard for me to have a job, i only have time to do volunteer work. i want to know if that can help me in being considered for a job. #college #engineering #engineer #interviews #volunteering #volunteer...


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Juan G. Jul 20, 2018 304 views

How did you decide to be in your specific feild as an engineer?

I know there are many options in being an engineer however i'm one of those people that are still confused on what i'll want to major in. I don't have a clear mind on what I want to be. #engineer...


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donovan P. Sep 30, 2019 836 views

Where can I job shadow an electrical engineer?

I'm in 11th grade doing a job shadow project and cant find anybody that will allow me to job shadow them. I've called many businesses and asked them if i could job shadow and so far non have allowed me to. #engineer...


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Ashley T. May 26, 2020 383 views

Are internships more preferable than research experience?

Is there one that grad schools and/or employers would rather see on an application? If someone is unable to land an internship, would their research experiences make up for it? I'm more curious about this for STEM fields, but any input would be helpful and greatly appreciated! #internship...

#stem #math #science #engineering #computer-science #research

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Otto W. Jun 07, 2020 135 views

What co-ops do you have available for me?

I am a student studying biomedical engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology. I am currently looking for a co op in my field of study. I am available from June to December 2020 and I am willing to relocate any help or guidance is appreciated...