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Shanvi M. Apr 23, 2020 223 views

What are good electives for a high schooler interested in technology and engineering?

For next year's school session I am having trouble selecting my classes and electives. I don't want to pick electives that won't be useful in my career (whatever career that may be), so I'm just puzzled on what to choose. I'm interested in possibly pursuing #technology and...


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Shannon S. May 07, 2020 357 views
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Ashley T. May 22, 2020 323 views

Are joint majors beneficial or is it better to have a singular major and a minor?

To people who have/had joint majors: Did you fell less competitive when applying for jobs or internships against people who have a single major? What is your joint major and how has it helped you career wise? For employers/recruiters (if applicable): Do you prefer people with joint majors or...

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