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Ricardo Sosa

College Student- MIS
Tucson, Arizona
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Erick Mar 20, 2020 1232 views

Is it even worth it to look for an internship for this summer?

I was looking for an accounting internship but with #COVID-19 is it even worth my time?

#accounting #internship

Hector’s Avatar
Hector Aug 28, 2019 563 views

Which language should i start with in learning code?

Just starting to learn code going to college for computer programming #computer-programming #coding

Cindy’s Avatar
Cindy May 13, 2020 721 views

I'm interested in learning more about your volunteer opportunities for college students. I'd love to get more info. Thanks!

#internship #college #volunteer

Jowell’s Avatar
Jowell Jun 10, 2020 1957 views

Any advice for a upcoming college freshman?

I will be attending Old Dominion University majoring in Cytotechnology #college #college-advice

Haelyn’s Avatar
Haelyn Jun 29, 2020 732 views

What is the best way to look for internships or volunteer work?

#internship #volunteer #job-application

Khadija’s Avatar
Khadija Jun 29, 2020 1026 views

As a high school student, how do I know if computer science is the right college major for me?

I'm a 16 year old rising high school senior, and I've been learning how to code in my free time for the past year or so. I've decided that I want to study computer science in college, but I'm still not entirely sure about my decision. #college #computer #computer-science #college-major