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Parviz Rushenas

Principal Engineer
Software development - computeer graphics
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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James’s Avatar
James Sep 18, 2020 499 views

How to draw.

My name is James and I love to draw but every-time I present everyone asks what’s that. How do I improve my drawing skills? #artist #design #art

Rainer’s Avatar
Rainer Apr 15, 2020 432 views

What is the future of 3D printing?

I need to know if 3D printing will be popular or not and if it will be a good career choice for a mechanical engineer. # #mechanical-engineering #mechanical-engineering #engineer #engineering #3D

Caireen’s Avatar
Caireen Jun 19, 2020 509 views

what is the easiest and most successful way to earn money?

i enjoy cooking, art, and designing different things.

#art #design #graphic-design

Parker’s Avatar
Parker Oct 25, 2016 702 views

What is life like for a computer scientist?

I'm looking into becoming a computer scientist. #computer #scientist