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Amanda Y.’s Avatar
Amanda Y. Nov 05, 2020 197 views

What is an aspect that could be most challenging for Nurses?

I'm a Senior in Highschool and I would like to know the position of becoming a nurse later in my life. I'm a loyal, trust-worthy, and caring person. Curious of what the roles and responsibilities of my future what would look like. nursing...


Elizabeth Y.’s Avatar
Elizabeth Y. Nov 05, 2020 230 views

How do you know if going into the Nursing field is good for you?

I'm interested in going into the Nursing field, specifically in the Labor and Delivery field. I'm Elizabeth and I'm in 11th grade. Some of the skills that are needed to be a Labor and Delivery Nurse (LD Nurse) is having empathy, critical thinking, decision-making and communication skills, which...

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Hope I.’s Avatar
Hope I. Nov 06, 2020 368 views

I'm in the 12th grade and I'm beginning to explore my future career.

I'm a high school student wanting to explore my future and career. job college...