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Douglas Moran

Business development
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Kirsten Oct 28, 2021 511 views

I'm currently in trade school and we're preparing interview question for facilities maintenance professionals.

What are three informational interview questions you will ask? What is it like to work in this field? Do you guys work gigs or is it more of a stable job? How long are your work hours?
#vocational-college #help #facilities-maintenance #maintenance #informational-interview #interviews

Jean-Sébatien’s Avatar
Jean-Sébatien Jan 29, 2021 587 views

Looking for a mentor in the sports industry

I am currently a second year university student in Business Intelligence. My principal fields of interests are communications, analytics and sports management. Thank you #mentoring #sports #marketing #analytics #communications #internship