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lingeshwar Apr 21, 2016 967 views

what is the speed of light through in air?

i don't know the answer of the question. please tell me answer #science #teacher #science-phd #earth-science #career-guidance #scholar

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lingeshwar Apr 20, 2016 803 views

how to select the candidates in interview? mark, talent, bribe, recommendation, caste, relation.

to select a candidates in interview in many reason.i no how to select the interview please tell answer #job #graduate #career-guidance

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lingeshwar Apr 18, 2016 978 views

how to decide a higher studies? mark, talent.

i'm finish tenth . i'm waiting for result. #career #career-counseling #job #student #advice

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lingeshwar Apr 15, 2016 956 views

How rapidly do a person move to the next level in this career?

How to improve to career to one level to another level #job #career-change #work-life