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Rachel Aug 15, 2018 1487 views

What type of internships should a pre-law student do?

#students #pre-law #undergraduate #law school

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Mara Apr 17, 2021 382 views

Who are the leading law firm in the USA?


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Harry May 05, 2020 500 views

Where would my career start immediately after law school?

I'm in high school hoping to go into either a health or law profession after college. I am currently undecided about which university I want to go to and what my major will be. #lawyer #college #law-school

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Izbella Oct 27, 2020 556 views

What internships could a junior preparing to be a lawyer get?

As someone who wants to be a lawyer I want to find ways in which I can better prepare myself this can even be in internships. I am still underage but I would love to have the opportunity to be in an environment that is specifically about law, so if there are any internships that can be offered...