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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Within 40 mile radius
Bruno’s Avatar
Bruno Feb 01, 2022 569 views

what are the financial aid options for international students who want to pursue graduate degree in business, education, media with BA in Psychology?

A second-year student at NYUAD from Central Asian country
#psychology #college #financial-aid #business #college #money #NYUAD

mahra’s Avatar
mahra Aug 03, 2021 6248 views

what is the biggest challenge that you have faced in high school and how did you handle it? What did you learn from the experience?

student #business #job #college

malak’s Avatar
malak Dec 06, 2020 636 views

What are some good Universities for international students regarding interior designing? Preferably in Europe or the UK.

I'm an 11th grader doing my AS and A levels now and I wanted some universities for international students that offer good scholarships, preferably in Europe or the UK.
#university #AS #ALEVELS #scholarships #igcse #internationalstudent #interiordesigning

malak’s Avatar
malak Dec 04, 2020 1082 views

I want to be an interior designer. Do i have to take art and design or graphics (as subjects) in IGCSE or A levels? or is it fine if i took courses outside school in these subjects? like will universities accept that?

#school #interior-design #subjects #igcse #a-levels

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Sep 26, 2020 532 views

I want to enter Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence but they only have masters and PhD, so I want to know what do I have to study in college “I will start college next year” to enter?


Bayan’s Avatar
Bayan Jul 18, 2020 694 views

What are the nanoinformatics jobs/roles available in the market?

Is it well recognized?

#july20 #nano-informatics #nano-technology #technology

Bayan’s Avatar
Bayan Jul 18, 2020 475 views

Advice for entering new field

I am a graduate of Medical Laboratory Science program and my interest in nanobiotechnology but I don't have experience yet. Do you recommend to do a postgraduate degree in nanotechnology or get experience first in the medical lab field? and what kind of entry level role? #july20 #postgraduate...

Shaikha’s Avatar
Shaikha Jan 22, 2020 488 views

what do i need to choose for IGCSE if i wanted to be a decor designer?

so next year i need to study IGCSE but i don't know which subjects to choose...

so please i need someone to help me choose..


Shamma’s Avatar
Shamma Aug 05, 2019 659 views

Which is better, Civil Engineering or Architectural Engineering?

For someone who has a great interest in art, physics, and math.
#civil-engineering #engineer #Architectural-Engineering #architect #architecture #engineering

Mohanned’s Avatar
Mohanned Jul 08, 2017 955 views

I graduated high-school and I am confused which major should i enter

My high school GPA is high and throughout the year, I planned to go into engineering because of my grades in math and physics. But after I graduated, I found my interest in #moviesproduction, #Digitalanimation, #gameandInteractiveMediadesign, and all the subjects regarding #movies, #Media and...

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