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Brody Jun 08, 2021 367 views

What else can I do to stand out to higher level colleges

I receive good grades and do extra activities, but I just want to be as prepared as I can. #college-advice

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Victoria Sep 01, 2017 497 views

What is the best way to narrow down your college list?

I feel like I still have not found my "dream school", but I still have a list of schools that I am applying to.

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Pallas-Amenah May 24, 2016 628 views

The college I will attend in the Fall wants me to be a "walk on" for track. I never requested to participate in sports.; I would like to concentrate on my studies. Should I do it, or should I concentrate on my studies?

I was the 2015 State Champion for JV Girls Cross Country (Independent Schools). I also hold my school's record for the 400 meter event. I need more scholarships, but I really want to concentrate on my studies. I do not want to lose the scholarships I already have. #college #career...

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Elias May 07, 2021 437 views

What's one of the best college degree to major in for an Ivy league school?

#majors #classes

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Dey'ja May 07, 2021 511 views

What tasks or projects on your current employment lead to the realization of the vision ?

Motivated, ethical, conscientious #communications #engineering

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Yailynne Feb 06, 2019 383 views

what is it the high league colleges look at

specific details like grades or do they look at some personal stuff, do they give feedback on what you should work on. #college-advice

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Colin Jan 17, 2018 408 views

Why go to college?


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Skyler Sep 01, 2017 616 views

What's the FERPA?

Hi all! So I am using the common app and I'm just confused as to what the FERPA is and if I should surrender my right or not. Thanks in advance!

#common-app #college #college-advice #ferpa #college-applications

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Khloe Jan 30, 2018 1112 views

How does the CommonApp work?

How much does it cost?