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Miami Gardens, Florida
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I want to be a entrepreneur and also get into real-estate . i want to graduate from college and get my masters. i would like to get into cryptocurrency .



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John Jun 04, 2021 747 views

what are some good stocks to invest to that's dealing with covid ?

#business #finance #marketing #accounting

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John Jun 04, 2021 577 views

what is the best way to get into real-estate?

#architect #business

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John Jun 02, 2021 467 views

What are some business that i can start up after covid is done ?

#business #web-marketing

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John Jun 02, 2021 582 views

what are some collage majors should I choose for business and real-estate?

I am a junior in high school and graduate 2022. #collage #high-school

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John May 24, 2021 730 views

what are some tips to bring exposure to your company ?

#communications #human-resources

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John May 20, 2021 569 views

Is it hard to juggle your personal life while owning multiple businesses ?

My name is John I'm from Carol City where everything is not sweet . But I can't let where I come from define me . I want to further my career in entrepreneurship I own a business called "Overnight Preservation LLC" . I started my business from when I was 12 . my goals coming out of high...