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marli Jun 07, 2021 496 views

I'm not sure what to study at all I'm looking for career advise

I'm very artsy but I wouldn't want to pursue it as a career. I love working around people but not really with them, I like working with my hand and doing practical things but I also like theoretical things and working with a plan... #career-choice #career-path #career #career-counseling

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Sep 04, 2019 506 views

Are you at a disadvantage if you apply undecided to college?

One of my main concerns is picking a major that I really like and enjoy but my interests are constantly changing so it has become a never ending circle of me going nowhere. My biggest concern is that if I don't know, will that leave me behind other people? #college #undecided #majors

Amiya’s Avatar
Amiya Jan 17, 2018 843 views

How do you know if your making the best decision possible for yourself?

I often find myself thinking what would have happened if I had picked another decision in my life which questioned if it was the best decision to make.
#Decision-making #personal-development

Saphir’s Avatar
Saphir May 30, 2021 298 views

How to get a better Idea of what careers I might want to puruse in the future?

I am in 10th grade, and I think it is a good time thinking about this, as I don't have any specific ideas of what I want to be when I grow up. I think exposing myself to different programs regarding different fields is a good beginning step.


Estefania’s Avatar
Estefania Mar 08, 2017 1149 views

what are some careers in Psychology?

I want to be a psychologist but I don't know what type. #psychology #college-major #career-counseling #career-choice #career-path #choosing-a-major #university-teaching #user-experience