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Cherlyn Mar 12, 2021 604 views

how hard is it to become a pilot?

#pilot #commercial-pilot #airplane #aviation #pilots #flights #flying

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nosisa Jun 22, 2021 1159 views

how many years do i have to study to become a pilot

#pilot #airline-industry #teaching #any #aviation

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Mar 12, 2014 1938 views

What can someone do in the Political Science field?

I am thinking of majoring in political science and I would like to know some possible careers that people have from this. #political-science

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Alanna May 07, 2016 683 views

How would I build a career in International Affairs?

I am planning on majoring in International Affairs with a minor in Korean and I was wondering if all International Affair jobs are government positions. Would I have to work for the U.S government or could I work for the South Korean government? Does it have to involve government or could it be...