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Tim P.’s Avatar
Tim P. Mar 29, 2018 361 views

What are skills an employer looks for a truck operator?

I am interested in a driving dump truck after high school truck-driving...


Makiya B.’s Avatar
Makiya B. Mar 01 165 views

How do you know if you like your profession?

I am very versatile. I Can switch us and so almost anything if I put my mind to it. It’s not hard for me a catch on and learn something new. any professional educator...


Jimmy T.’s Avatar
Jimmy T. Jul 21 183 views

Is there a place for data science generalists in the job market?

With some introspection these last few months, I found that no one field (e.g, analytics, natural language processing, experimentation, etc) in the data science space really draws me (though all are very interesting in their own way). With that being said, is it frowned upon in the job market...

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