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Joliet, Illinois
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I want to take up culinary and become a baker but also have a secondary career as a nail technician

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Deangel Dec 15, 2021 668 views

what kind of internships or volunteer opportunities will help give me entrepreneur skills?

I'm interested in having my own bakery food truck
#internship #business #baking #entrepreneur #nail technician #culinary

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Deangel Dec 14, 2021 525 views

What positions are there in a bakery?

I'm interested in baking cakes, cookies and other tasty treats #career #pastries #professional #career-paths #culinary

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Deangel Dec 14, 2021 1221 views

Can you tell me how you plan and prioritize your work in a baking profession ?

I'm a person that kinda jump from one thing to another and get off track and then start to forget things that need to be completed and its something i want to get better at. #job #career #baker #culinary