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Anna Feb 02, 2022 305 views

Master degree courses

can you suggest some courses for doing master's and getting into internship #education #masterdegree#internship

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Voc Mar 09, 2022 371 views

How do teachers set up lessons?

#lessons #teacher

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Isaac Feb 03, 2022 328 views

Tips for becoming a elementary teacher? Steps to take?

#teacher #steps #career

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Klarysa Nov 16, 2021 332 views

What are the rewards of becoming an elementary school teacher?

I am 16 and want to go into elementary school teaching. #elementary-teaching #elementary #teacher

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Voc Feb 09, 2022 219 views

How much paid time off do teachers get? What college classes do teachers take?


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Ireland Dec 16, 2021 350 views

What is the hardest part about being a theatre teacher.

I want to be a theatre teacher/director in the future. I'm not sure what grade I would want to teach yet, but I know that I want theatre to be a part of my life. #teacher #acting

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Sylvia Jan 29, 2019 760 views

How Can I help my kids decide their future?

I am a study skills teacher from grades 9 - 12 and my kids are not all going to college. I would like to know that they will be ready for the employment world after leaving high school.
#education #teaching

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zeph Mar 20, 2019 469 views

best part of being a teacher?

#teaching #education

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Alex Dec 10, 2021 491 views

What advice would you recommend to someone aspiring to be a teacher?

I'm in 11th grade and want to be a history or social studies teacher one day. Any advice for someone still in high school? #education #teaching

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Andrea Aug 13, 2021 1257 views

What to ask when student teaching?

I'm going to start student teaching pretty soon and I wanted to know what to look for or like what to ask the teacher that I'm student teaching with. Also how was your experience with student teaching, what should I avoid? #teaching #education #teacher #student #college

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Yuliana Mar 22, 2019 395 views

What classes do I take to become an algebra teacher?

#college #education #teaching #teacher #student

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Jennifer May 17, 2016 1778 views

Do employers look at all of the courses a student takes throughout college, or mostly the ones pertaining to their specific major?

I am a college student trying to figure out what I want to major in. I want to know if taking extra courses that are not necessarily major-specific (electives) matter when applying for jobs after graduation. #college-major #job-search

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Qianlin Jan 31, 2022 210 views

What if I can't have a job relating to my major?

Is this situation normal? Why did you make that decision? Do you think it's useless to study your major?

#job-search #college-major

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Aaron Oct 19, 2021 268 views

How many high school and middle school teachers are hired per year in Ohio?

High School Senior #teaching #high-school #teacher #education

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natalie Oct 19, 2021 286 views

What are jobs where i get to work with specail needs children?

im a junior in highschool. i want to help special needs kids learn but in not sure of the teacher setting. I currently participate in a cheer team that combines athletes with and without disiabilities and really enjoy that. #teaching #specialeducation