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Subodh Sharma

Application security consultant
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
New York, New York
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Thomas Feb 16, 2022 246 views

I have 2 questions for people who work in general maintenance. 1 what do you like about working in maintenance and what do you dislike about it. 2 how did you get into maintenance and how was it in the beginning

I'm thinking about going into general maintenance and i would like to know how people who work in that field think about their job

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Voc Feb 16, 2022 521 views

Does Being A Cashier Require A Diploma?

I Am Interested In Finding Jobs #job

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Mahmoud Feb 16, 2022 579 views

I've always been interested in becoming an architect, but a lot of people on the internet has been saying that getting a degree in this field is the hardest degree a person could possibly get and that it wasn't as rewarding. Whether its salary, time, or the degree itself.

#career-counseling #architect #architecture #job #career

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Voc Feb 16, 2022 373 views

How do you manage money? How do you make sales?

#cashier #money