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Madelyn Mar 05, 2018 675 views

How can I afford college if I don't have anyone to help me get loans?

Both of my parents have very bad credit due to my father going to jail multiple times. Because of this, I am worried that I won't be able to get loans for college. I have no one to cosign for me and I can only get around $5500 through the federal government. #financial-aid #college #loans...

joceyn’s Avatar
joceyn Sep 29, 2017 893 views

If my goal is to be a physician assistant what major should i take?

i need a guide to my future path and am confused on what to do. #help! #physician-assistant #college-major #career-path

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Mar 03, 2022 562 views

Where can I get a cosmetology certificate if there is one? And what age should I start my career?

I'm a freshman and want to start my career soon. I specifically do hair and makeup. I have tons of experience with makeup and have already have my platform but not so many viewers I want to share my love with makeup and help others do their makeup. My goal is to finish high school and get a...

Kilynn’s Avatar
Kilynn Mar 04, 2022 682 views

Is it a waste of time to get your masters degree in Social work?

I would love to travel and help people all around the world would getting a bachelors degree be sufficient? #social-work #social #career