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Charles Mar 28, 2022 456 views

What are your day to day responsibilities that you have to deal while counseling other people during there hard times.

Do you ever spend time to yourself once your done dealing with the people that you talk during the therapy hours and what do you do to ease your mind? what i mean by that is do you go for a walk or do you go to your favorite place to just relax yourself form a long day at work.

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Charles Mar 28, 2022 896 views

What inspired you to become a good counselor also how much do you get paid for doing your job?

Counselling is something that i thought of doing but never really thought about taking it as a career job. Can you tell me when first started off as a counselor was u nervous about it ?

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Charles Mar 28, 2022 333 views

What are the steps that i need to take to start my own business and if i was able to grow my own garden what are things that I should prepare myself for?

I been doing garden work since I was in high school and i want to know what do i need to do so i can start my own garden business