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Sai Chinimilli

Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Hyderabad, Telangana, India
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Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Mar 25, 2022 681 views

How friendly is the atmosphere in the industry of game design? Does the industry treat people well?

Like is it a welcoming career and such, all I really know is that there is good pay

Sheshank’s Avatar
Sheshank Jun 23, 2016 1244 views

What is Bio-Medical Informatics.

need information for bio-medical informatics #biology #technology #information-technology #molecular-biology #information #biological-monitoring

vijayakumar’s Avatar
vijayakumar Jun 18, 2016 901 views

computer engineering

how to you learn for computer engineering place ask #engineering

prajwal’s Avatar
prajwal May 04, 2016 1203 views

how can we improve the engineering quality in india?

I love my country and engineering!
#engineering #engineer