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Linelle Jun 07, 2022 168 views

What can I do to make myself happy while making money.

How are some ways that I can make money and be successful in life while doing things that make me happy.What jobs make a lot and give you great hours to be home to spend time with family.

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Alessia Jun 08, 2022 179 views

Video editing, producing

How long would be normal to work on a five or six minute semi-professional music video?

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Renee Sep 04, 2018 300 views

where is the best place to get certified for being a fire fighter?

#job #career#firefighter

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oriana May 31, 2022 277 views

What or who keeps you motivated?

What keeps you fulfilled during your work hours ?

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Lauren May 20, 2022 225 views

What is the success rate for any procedure?

like how high are the numbers or the percentage of doing a procedure .

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Dartavious May 31, 2022 265 views

What benefits does Microsoft provide?

What benefits does you job provide such as:Healthcare,401k,Discounts.