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Danielle V. May 18, 2016 741 views

What kinds of internships, volunteer work, or part-time jobs should I search for if am considering a career in the Veterinary field?

I am a Junior in high school considering a career in Veterinary medicine; I want to get a job for the summer to help pay for college costs. Should I be aware of any specific job-internship combination or would a job/part-time job -- lets say as a kennel assistant -- be best to work my way up to...

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Danielle V. May 18, 2016 1650 views

Can someone with Social Anxiety be discriminated against when applying for college or a job; and what can I do to limit this?

I am a high school junior with good grades, an above average ACT score, and am an overall well rounded student. However, I have Social Anxiety and am currently considering a career in veterinary medicine as a vet or something similar. I don't talk well with people but am an actress, and am sure...

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