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Legal Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
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Ethan May 05, 2022 752 views

What are some things that I can do to figure out what I want to major in?

I really do not know what I want to do and will take any pointers that you are willing to give me.

Azmeena’s Avatar
Azmeena May 31, 2022 1674 views

Should I follow the real world or my passion

How should I keep a passion for art in my life if I want to do something more realistic like be in the medical field do I just drop that interest or make it a hobby?

DeArmon’s Avatar
DeArmon Jul 04, 2022 1008 views

What are tips to finding out what you want to do for a profession.

I'm a freshman in high school and I have no idea what I want to do for a profession. I know I have time but I want to know tips used to figure out what you want to do for a profession. (I do consider going to college also. )