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Jun Yu

San Francisco, California
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Jun Yu’s Career Goals

After I graduate high school, I want to go to a college that fits my interests. I am not exactly sure what that might be as of right now.



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Jun Yu May 12, 2023 187 views

What should you be doing heading into senior year?

How can you prepare?

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Jun Yu Feb 01, 2023 521 views

What skills have you found essential to your job?

How do these skills contribute to your role?

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Jun Yu Feb 01, 2023 1956 views

What are the most important things to prioritize in high school?

What can you focus on?

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Jun Yu Nov 01, 2022 552 views

How should you plan out your career for the future?

In what ways can you prepare yourself for the future after high school?

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Jun Yu Sep 28, 2022 383 views

When is the right time to start your career?

What is career readiness?
What are the benefits and downsides of starting at a certain age?