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John Oct 08, 2022 317 views

Any tips/guides/advice in computer science and recommendation on research?

Hi! my name is John, and I'm looking for tips/guides in taking computer science and advice on creating research within compscie. - What is your past research in computer science about? - Suggestions on what should I do before taking computer science. - What kind of research should I focus on in...

Ashton’s Avatar
Ashton Sep 02, 2022 300 views

What path in college would I need to take to get a job in Physics.

I am interested in becoming a physicist but I do not know what path/classes to take in college.

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Finn Oct 12, 2022 186 views

What is an engineering career like?

What are the different types of engineering, how do they work, and is a good job that is both enjoyable as well as good in terms of the salary? Do the different types have different answers to that question?