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Robert Steadman

Firearms Instructor/Retired Cop
Protective Service Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Herndon, Virginia
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chris’s Avatar
chris Sep 07, 2022 298 views

1. what is the working conditions for security???

my future job is a swat officer and be a team player with the swat team!!!!

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Sep 13, 2022 487 views

What is a typical day in the life of a crime scene investigator?

I watch a lot of crime related shows and movie on the tv, but i would imagine it's way less dramatic and thrilling as it is on these shows and movies.

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Sep 09, 2022 483 views

What does a typical day as a criminal investigator consist of?

I realize that being a criminal investigator isn't exactly how it's show on the media, so what is it really like?

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Sep 09, 2022 356 views

How does the amount of education effect your position as a criminal investigator?

The educational requirement to be an investigator is simply having a GED or a high school diploma. Is there any other education that may be needed? Any certifications?

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Sep 09, 2022 329 views

How do events affect the amount of pay(if they do so)?

If one week is less eventful than the other and less work needs to be done, does it affect the amount of pay an investigator receives?

addi’s Avatar
addi Oct 19, 2022 287 views

Training or education you would need for being in the criminal justice enforcement ?

How long would the course be? Will there be any hands on things I would have to be aware of?

Ronald’s Avatar
Ronald Jul 13, 2022 829 views

Police Officer to FBI

I am interested in entering the Police academy then working towards becoming a FBI Agent, what are the abilities & capabilities in order to get a head start into reaching my goal?

Zoria’s Avatar
Zoria Nov 03, 2022 549 views

how long do you have to go to school to be a detective?

i want to be a detective but a lot of people say after you go to school you have to become a police first then you can come a detective is that true?