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San Jose, California
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to become a swat officer

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chris Sep 08, 2022 521 views

1. Hi all what is the best military branch in the united states of america because my cousin is getting shipped out next year for navy bootcamp and would love to know what branch is the best to serve for because the military has always been on my mind???

Is it really worth it blood sweat and tears [admin edit]

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chris Sep 07, 2022 426 views

3. What rewards do security work gets you ????

I want really good benefits and bonus!!!

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chris Sep 07, 2022 613 views

2.whats the typical schedule for security work????

Night shift or day shift weekends???

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chris Sep 07, 2022 413 views

1. what is the working conditions for security???

my future job is a swat officer and be a team player with the swat team!!!!