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Chelsea Walsh

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Raleigh, North Carolina
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Jeffrey Oct 31, 2022 616 views

What is the best way to network?

I am a high school senior.

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Ana Mar 26, 2018 693 views

Whats the difference between MSN and DNP?

A DNP degree generally takes a longer time to complete compared to a MSN degree. Aside from that, what would be the difference in job duties between these two degrees? Would a person who has a DNP degree get to experience more than the one who has a MSN degree?
#Medicine #Nursing #DNP #MSN

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Rikka Ren Jul 23, 2018 504 views

How do nurses manage the daily tasks that they have to perform for their patients?

I have always heard stories of how a nurse's shift can be very hectic, and I have wondered how they manage all the different activities that they have to perform. Becoming a nurse is the only career I have in mind right now, and I want a more in-depth look on how they manage the work dense...

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harleigh Nov 03, 2022 195 views

health care?

what can i do once i get my master degree

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tyteyona Oct 31, 2022 205 views

what is it like being a nurse ?

what kind of benefits do i get from being a nurse