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Marisol Guadalupe

Registered Nurse
Riverside, California
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Hibah Mar 04 92 views

How do you know about your personal choices?

How are things working and how do you know your job is not just something you do that you don't enjoy? Is there a way where you can find what type of job you want to pursue?

lariah’s Avatar
lariah Oct 31, 2022 188 views

What it like being an labor and delivery nurse ?

like what are the pros and cons of it

Anna-Kate’s Avatar
Anna-Kate Nov 10, 2022 449 views

Medical field.

What does a typical day of a person working in the medical field look like?

Raissa’s Avatar
Raissa Nov 10, 2022 135 views

How long does it take to become a Nurse Anesthetist?

Should I take a gap year before going into nursing?

Melony’s Avatar
Melony Oct 25, 2022 155 views

What should a pediatrics nurse have on their resume?

What should a pediatrics nurse have on their resume?