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Elizabeth Jan 27 260 views

When should I start applying for colleges ?

When is the best time to apply for college? I am currently a junior in high school and I have already began looking for colleges. I am not sure when I should start applying. I would like to start as soon as possible.

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Finn Jan 31 404 views

Is it worth it to take a gap year instead of going straight into college?

Should you go straight into college if you're not completely sure what to major in, or should you take some time away from school?

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CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 15 203 views

What should I do before choosing a college major?

This is part of our professionals series where we ask professionals what they think students should know

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Ivan Mar 17 221 views

Which universities are among the best for engineering?

I want to know the best universities for engineering as well as how competitive it must be to get into these universities.

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yeso Apr 19 170 views

How Do I get into College?

How do I get into college? What do I need? How much does it typically cost in state? What can I do to prepare for college as a junior in high school? Is it possible to take care of my kid while doing schooling?

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Solomon Apr 20 211 views

What would be the best way to start proggraming? Which scripting language should I start learning before I enter college?

Hi I am in highschool, I have wanted to start programming for a while but never knew how to really get started so I always put it off. I wanted to know what would be the best way to get started and how should i start off?